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Sell Diamond Ring to Sydney Diamond Buyers, We are the trusted name in the industry. We help you to sell Diamond rings, and look after you from the first time you call us to book an appointment.

Many of our competitors ask that you send your Diamond jewels away to be valued, post them to head offices in other cities and locations, or leave the jewels with the office while they have them professionally valued. We pride ourselves on our team of professional Diamond ring buyers who work directly from our store. Having a team of Diamond valuers working around the clock means that your ring can be valued right in front of you, no hidden processes, or leaving your jewels unattended ? we always want what is best for you!

We understand that these days, gold buyers and pawnbrokers are filling the pages of newspaper advertisements, television channels and online sites. The growing trend of selling unwanted gold jewellery has meant that many of these businesses have popped up over night, however it has never been a more important time to work with a family-run business you can trust. Our client base agrees that when selling your diamonds, this is the single most important factor.

Working directly with a reputable buyer means that you don?t have to worry about following up with third parties, making numerous phone calls, sending your Diamond ring around to be given different values and unsure of what to do next ? we handle everything for you.

Make an appointment with us today and avoid sending your precious possessions away or not knowing when you will get a return phone call, we work around the clock and always put our customers first, handling everything from organising a meeting, having all of the resources to value your jewels on site, and paying you in cash on the spot for your unwanted Diamond rings. Sell Diamond Rings for Instant Cash. Call 9299 8070

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Voted Sydney?s Highest Paying Gold Buyer by Choice Magazine read more.
  • Chris Keeley Avatar
    Chris Keeley
    - Google

    I had a diamond ring I wanted to sell and the staff were very helpful and offered me a price... read more

    Lilly Yu Avatar
    Lilly Yu
    - Google

    Wow great fast service. Paid top dollar for your gold, friendly service. Paid cash on the spot, definitely will be... read more

    Anna Papaloizou Avatar
    Anna Papaloizou
    - Google

    SYDNEY Diamond Buyers is a fantastic place to sell all your wanted gold and diamonds highly recommended keep up the... read more

  • John Chan Avatar
    John Chan
    - Google

    Abraham is a friendly and honest owner of a very professional business, and looks after his customers very well.

    Liz Schoen Avatar
    Liz Schoen
    - Google

    I would recommend Sydney Diamond Buyers. Abraham was very friendly and professional and delivered what was agreed to.

    Gregory Llewellyn Avatar
    Gregory Llewellyn
    - Google

    Honest, quick, great location.

  • Jacqueline Harrison Avatar
    Jacqueline Harrison
    - Google

    Respectful and helpful staff. I'm more than satisfied with service and result. Great 'divorce jewelry' buyers.

    Adam Monopoly Avatar
    Adam Monopoly
    - Google

    Sydney Diamond buyers is a business I have used before and the service is alway great

    Kirsty P Avatar
    Kirsty P
    - Google

    You won’t be disappointed with the service level and price offered. Great location inside the Grace Hotel. Abraham was professional,... read more

  • Ricky Jeweller Avatar
    Ricky Jeweller
    - Google

    I love this place, honest people

    Matthew Shaw Avatar
    Matthew Shaw
    - Google

    Quite surprised at how much 2 chains and 2 rings were worth. Fast and efficient service

    tafe seo Avatar
    tafe seo
    - Google

    I was offered a very good price for my unwanted diamond engagement ring, very happy

  • Gabby Gladys Avatar
    Gabby Gladys
    - Google

    I found Abraham to be reassuringly honest in our business together and have pleasure giving Sydney Diamond Buyers my highest recommendation

    Sanjay Avatar
    - Google

    Best in the business - wouldn’t go elsewhere!

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