Common Questions

When you?re going to Sell Diamonds or Diamond Jewellery in Sydney, some questions may come across your mind. Here are some of the common questions we?ve received as a diamond jewellery and precious metal buyer in Sydney.

Why should I sell my Diamonds?

Common reasons to sell diamonds or any other precious metal jewellery in Sydney include to liquidate assets in times in which cash is needed and to capitalize on high gold prices. In this economic climate, selling diamonds and gold selling is becoming more and more popular as a method of liquidating assets when cash would be more useful than precious metals. Based on the ounce and pennyweight of gold, you will be able to liquidate your gold effectively through Sydney Diamond Buyers.

Do you buy more than just Diamonds?

Yes, absolutely! We buy gold, silver, and platinum. See our “What we buy” page for more information on the types of precious metals that we buy.

How do I send my Diamonds to you?

1- You can bring your unwanted Gold, Diamonds and Platinum directly

to a Sydney Diamond Buyers walk-in location in Sydney and get paid on the spot!

2- Or fill up the on line formand we will e-mail your pre-paid, insured Australia Post Bag with detailed instructions. then you will put your items in a properly secured bag.

3-Take your bag to AustPost® postal location. Go to
or call 13 POST (13 7678) to find the nearest AustPost® location.

Track your package at
by your AustPost® tracking number..

How do you decide what you will pay me?

EWe consider three main factors when we make a statement for your diamond or gold sale.

For gold

1) The price of gold; quoted by the London afternoon fixing the day your package arrives and is processes.

2) The karat content of the gold you are selling.

3) The weight of the gold you are selling.

For Diamonds.

  1. we buy diamonds 1 carat and above and pay by the carat

How will you pay me?

Sydney Diamond Buyers pay instant cash on the spot once an offer to buy has been reached. Unlike many other diamond buyers we offer a range of payment methods, cash on the spot or bank transfer into your account. If you have any questions regarding payment methods? please give us a call on 02 9299 8070.

Do I need to clean my jewellery before I come?

No, you do not need to clean or polish the jewellery before you send it.

What if the items I send you turn out not to be precious metals?

We will send any items that we don’t buy and are not precious metals back to you.

But what about gemstones? Will you send gemstones back to me?

We buy diamond if they are larger than 1 carat, but if you indicated on the merchandise shipping slip for the removal of the stones we will send them back to you after removing them We do not buy diamonds smaller than 1 carat or any other gemstones.

Please note: We will not be able to remove some of the stone setting types such as channel, pave and bezel sets, We will not be able to remove these stones since there is a chance of damaging the stones and we will not be liable and responsible for the damages of such as You must indicate your request for stone removal on your Merchandise Shipping slip.

Do you charge for gemstone removal?

No, we do not charge for gemstone removal, but in order to ensure that your gemstones are returned to you in due time, we send them back to you via AustPost Home Delivery and require a signature. We also deduct $10.00 from your cash settlement and will insure the gemstones up to $150.00.

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The 4 C’s of Diamond Value

Clarity, colour, cut and carat weight all play an important role in determining the overall value of a diamond.
These factors are considered a universal method in assessing the quality of the stone anywhere in the world.
Below is a look into what each of them means for your diamond.

Voted Sydney?s Highest Paying Gold Buyer by Choice Magazine read more.

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    Best in the business - wouldn’t go elsewhere!

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    Abraham is a friendly and honest owner of a very professional business, and looks after his customers very well.

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    Quite surprised at how much 2 chains and 2 rings were worth. Fast and efficient service

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    I had a diamond ring I wanted to sell and the staff were very helpful and offered me a price... read more

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    Honest, quick, great location.

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    I would recommend Sydney Diamond Buyers. Abraham was very friendly and professional and delivered what was agreed to.

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    Sydney Diamond buyers is a business I have used before and the service is alway great

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    I found Abraham to be reassuringly honest in our business together and have pleasure giving Sydney Diamond Buyers my highest recommendation

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    Wow great fast service. Paid top dollar for your gold, friendly service. Paid cash on the spot, definitely will be... read more

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    I was offered a very good price for my unwanted diamond engagement ring, very happy

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    Respectful and helpful staff. I'm more than satisfied with service and result. Great 'divorce jewelry' buyers.

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    I love this place, honest people

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    SYDNEY Diamond Buyers is a fantastic place to sell all your wanted gold and diamonds highly recommended keep up the... read more

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    You won’t be disappointed with the service level and price offered. Great location inside the Grace Hotel. Abraham was professional,... read more

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